Saturday, 16 February 2013


Here you have some vocabulary related to exams.

take an exam / sit an exam = do an exam
pass an exam = get a good enough mark to succeed
fail an exam = not pass :((

take extra lessons / have private tuition / private coaching = pay for a personal teacher to help you with the subject

Before the exam

revise = go over everything you've studied
swot up = an informal synonym for "revise"
cram = try and force as much information into your head as possible
learn by heart / memorise = try to remember facts etc, without necessarily understanding them
test yourself = try to test your knowledge of something so that you really know it, rather than just learning it by heart

During the exam
cheat / copy / use a crib sheet = use dishonest methods to try and pass the exam, such as copying someone else, or hiding notes so you can read them during the exam
get a good / high mark = do well in the exam
get a bad / low mark = do badly in the exam
pass with flying colours = pass with high marks
scrape a pass = only just pass

What sort of student are you?
stellar = a star performer
hard-working = someone who tries
straight A = a student who always gets top marks
plodder = someone who works consistently, but isn't particularly brilliant
mediocre = not bad, average
abysmal = terrible

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