Monday, 30 January 2012


You know that this year writing skills are very important, that's why, you have to try and improve your own writing skills. Therefore, today I'm starting a new section in this blog, that is, a section about common mistakes. Here you can check what common mistakes you make more frequently and you should try to avoid them...So, let's start:

PEOPLE /'pi:.pl/ is a plural noun, not a singular noun. So, avoid sentences like:

*People is... You should write: People are
*This people..... You should write:These people

hat do people mean?

1. men, women and children
Many people never take any exercise.
We've invited thirty people to our party.

2. used to refer to persons in general or everyone, or informally to the group of people that you are speaking to
People will think you've gone mad.
People like to be made to feel important.
Now that we've discussed our problems, are people happy with the decisions taken?

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